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Born and raised in Texas, a love of wide-open spaces and southern hospitality runs through my veins. As the daughter of a pilot I was fortunate to be introduced to the beauty of the world's vibrant cultures and cuisines from a young age. While my peers were busy munching on cheeseburgers, I found myself irresistibly drawn to the world of escargot, foie gras, and oysters. Call it peculiar for a middle-schooler, but I couldn't care less. I was hooked, and little did I know, this was only the appetizer to a lifelong journey of gastronomy.

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During my time in high school and college, I worked at a local French Bistro, where Sunday evening shifts were particularly dear to me. As the dinner rush settled down, I cherished the opportunities I had to engage in lively conversations with the chefs, satisfying my insatiable curiosity for culinary knowledge through discussions about their French cooking techniques and treasured recipes.


My passion for cooking blossomed even further when I discovered the art of photography. With each click of the camera shutter lies an extraordinary avenue to showcase the labor of love that goes into every dish. The composition, lighting, and perspective became my tools to translate the sensory experience of taste into a visual feast. It allowed me to tell stories through food, to evoke emotions with a single glance, and to invite others into the gastronomic world that I held dear.

I took my passion for food to the big screen in 2019 when I competed on MasterChef Season 10, and again in 2022 on the 'All Star' season (season 12). My experience on MasterChef allowed me to refine my culinary skills and proved to me that the possibilities are endless when you work hard. Throughout the show, my artistic plating consistently drew praise from renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, esteemed judges, fellow competitors, and viewers, ultimately earning me the title of the 'Plating Queen.'

"You'll always be our Plating Queen."

Gordon Ramsay


Cooking for and working with my culinary idols inspired me to pursue a full-time career working with food. While I am currently rooted in Dallas, Texas, my business extends beyond geographical boundaries. In addition to collaborating with local establishments, the versatility of my predominantly online venture allows me to also work with companies across the globe. I am constantly seeking out new opportunities to push the limits of my creativity and produce content that showcases the beauty of food and inspires passion in others.

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