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About ME


Hi I'm Bri, the Plating Queen! 

I am 25 years old and born & raised in Dallas, Texas. I grew up traveling the world with my family and naturally gained inspiration from my surroundings at fine dining restaurants. Learning to cook was something I strived for on my own- which makes it that much more special to me. I love any and all things creative: piano, guitar, singing, drawing, painting, etc., but the thing that really excites me the most is cooking. 

What is it that fuels a desire to cook? For me, it is the excitement of a blank canvas. I love being creative with food because it's extremely multidimensional and the possibilities are endless. You can experiment with textures, patterns, height, and more, and to me the endless possibilities are what drive me to continue to work with food on a daily basis. Check out my gallery below to see some of the ways that I serve up artful and alluring plates!


Bri Baker | Plating Queen

Email: bri@platingqueen.com

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